Monthly Archives: May 2014

New track: Summer Night

Now and then I tend to mess around in the world of electronic music. To be honost, most of it is crap, but now and then I finish a track. But I just keep it and then it’s lost over time, due to harddisk failures etc So why not post the tracks here, when I’ve […]

NVIDIA on openSUSE? Naaaah

After only a few hours of use, I wanted to install the latest driver from NVIDIA for my GTX770. That became a huge problem; installing it required a lot of packages that did not exist and finally it complained about the kernel, which it didn’t like. Then I looked for an alternative and it turned […]

openSUSE first boot

I’ve now got openSUSE 13.1 x86_64 installed. I took me a while; first my PC wouldn’t boot from the USB I made – it turned out it was formatted as NTFS. Then I used UNetbootin, which I’ve always used. But it failed writing the menu correct, so when I selected to only menu-item in the […]

So, CentOS didn’t work for me

Not long ago, I decided to install CentOS on my PC. CentOS isn’t quite made for desktop purposes, but it’s stability still drawed me to install it with Gnome 2 (I really hate Gnome 3). After setting up the OS and installing the latest driver for my NVIDIA GTX770, it ran absolutely beautiful. But… I […]