openSUSE first boot

I’ve now got openSUSE 13.1 x86_64 installed. I took me a while; first my PC wouldn’t boot from the USB I made – it turned out it was formatted as NTFS. Then I used UNetbootin, which I’ve always used. But it failed writing the menu correct, so when I selected to only menu-item in the UNetbootin startup list, it just returned to the menu.

So I used openSUSE ImageWriter instead and that worked.

But the ethernet card wasn’t present in the network list (ifconfig only showed the lo interface).

After a quick Google search, I found out I had to go to YaST->Network Devices->Network Settings and enable the ethernet card. It had one enabled, but it seems to be some dummy – it doesn’t have any MAC address and it isn’t activated.

But after I enabled the ethernet card, everything seems to work.

I’ll run openSUSE for some time and get back with a short review ;-)