NVIDIA on openSUSE? Naaaah

After only a few hours of use, I wanted to install the latest driver from NVIDIA for my GTX770. That became a huge problem; installing it required a lot of packages that did not exist and finally it complained about the kernel, which it didn’t like.

Then I looked for an alternative and it turned out that openSUSE does have original drivers from NVIDIA, compiled for openSUSE. Great!

Installation went well, but after a reboot and after I logged in to Gnome I only got a white screen. Actually two, both my monitors was completely white. Now and then some graphic errors turned up and drawed some lines in the screen. So, that didn’t work very well.

I’ve now decided that I don’t wanna use any more time trying to rescue the installation. I’m now waiting for Fedora to finish downloading – I’ll give that a go. It just has to support the official NVIDIA driver, that’s all I ask. CentOS did that very well, so I believe it’s possible for other RPM based systems.

And if Fedora also turns me down, that’s it – then I’m going for Ubuntu. I think Ubuntu has got too commercial and I don’t like it. But if that’s the only distro that works, I can live with it, I will just modify a couple of things.

Oh, the Fedora-download just finished – I will try it out right away…